Name of the applet. Width and height, mail the parameter for the width in base to the type of visualization and font.Color breaks down Applet.Given color and hour.If these two parameters come removed the Applet visualizes white background (FFFFFF) of default and color black date (000000).Font for the date, the applet supported three types of font, Arial, TimesRoman and Courier, if this parameter comes removed the applet visualizes the Arial font of default.Greatness font in pixel, maximum greatness for the font 20 pixel, if you comes inserted a superior value to 20 the applet takes 20 pixel of default.Chosen visualization font, bold, italic. 0 = font standard 1 = font bold 2 = font italic 3 = font italic bold If you comes inserted a superior value to 3 the applet takes the N 1 of default (bold).Choice formed date and hour. 0 = date in Italian and hour 1 = date in Italian and hour in fully grown am pm 2 = date in Italian and hour in fully grown AM PM 3 = date in English and hour 4 = date in English and hour in fully grown am pm 5 = date in English and hour in fully grown AM PM If you comes inserted a superior value to 5 the applet takes the N 1 of default.This parameter concerns the notes of the author if it is not present the applet doesn't work.

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August 2014                  
August 5-August 12
New Grace Bible College, 8923 West Mount Drive, is a ministry of Grace Baptist Temple in Rocky Mount and is now accepting applications for the fall semester.  Pre-registration begins on August 5th at 6:30pm and Registration is August 12th at 6:30pm.  Classes are held on Tuesday evenings from 6 to 9:30 p.m.  New Grace offers fully accredited college level classes, with associates through doctorate degrees available.  For more information, their website is
August 18-August 20
Summer Revival
is taking place this week at Park East Church of God in Goldsboro, with Retired Naval Chaplain, Commander Bobby Williams.  Service times are nightly through Wednesday 8/20, at 7:00pm.  Park East Church of God is located at 3913 McLain Street, off Highway 70 East, near Wilbur's BBQ.  Call 919-778-3177 for more information.. 
August 23
The Mount Calvary Christian Academy's Concert Series continues in Hookerton, NC on Saturday night, August 23rd , as they welcome Greater Vision in for an uplifting night of Southern Gospel Music.  The gym opens at 6...the music starts at 7:00pm and concessions will be available.  Donations will also be collected at the door to benefit Mount Calvary Christian Academy.  For info call 252-717-2966.
August 29
The Paramount Theater in downtown Goldsboro announces the first annual Gospel Music Revival on August 29th at 7:00pm!  You'll enjoy music from Squire Parsons, Ivan Parker, Jordan's Bridge and Dr. Dennis Benton.  Advance tickets are $14.05 through August 28th and day of revival, tickets will be $16.86 each and are available at the theater, 139 South Center Street in Goldsboro.  For more information call 919-583-8432.
September 2014                  


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