Name of the applet. Width and height, mail the parameter for the width in base to the type of visualization and font.Color breaks down Applet.Given color and hour.If these two parameters come removed the Applet visualizes white background (FFFFFF) of default and color black date (000000).Font for the date, the applet supported three types of font, Arial, TimesRoman and Courier, if this parameter comes removed the applet visualizes the Arial font of default.Greatness font in pixel, maximum greatness for the font 20 pixel, if you comes inserted a superior value to 20 the applet takes 20 pixel of default.Chosen visualization font, bold, italic. 0 = font standard 1 = font bold 2 = font italic 3 = font italic bold If you comes inserted a superior value to 3 the applet takes the N° 1 of default (bold).Choice formed date and hour. 0 = date in Italian and hour 1 = date in Italian and hour in fully grown am pm 2 = date in Italian and hour in fully grown AM PM 3 = date in English and hour 4 = date in English and hour in fully grown am pm 5 = date in English and hour in fully grown AM PM If you comes inserted a superior value to 5 the applet takes the N° 1 of default.This parameter concerns the notes of the author if it is not present the applet doesn't work.

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April 2014                  
April 13 - April 16
Pastor Rusty Dixon of Vision Casters in Winterville invites you to come see a very special guest on April 13th through April 16th.  It's Sherlock Bally, who the Israeli government has called a history shaper.  His ministry has literally turned the hearts of presidents and prime ministers to begin supporting Israel on the United Nations floor.  He understands the covenant of God.  He will cause faith to come alive in your heart to know that God is going to be faithful to you and he wants you to be prepared for these last days.  On Sunday, April 13th service times are 10:30am and 6:00pm.  Monday through Wednesday night services are at 6:00pm.  Vision Casters is located at 5929 Old Tar Road in Winterville.  You can call for more information at 252-714-0205 or go online to
April 13 - April 20
Black Jack Original Free Will Baptist Church on Blackjack Simpson Road in Greenville celebrates Easter week beginning Palm Sunday, at 10am with the Easter Cantata “Remember”.  On Maundy Thursday at 7pm, the drama, “From Bethlehem to Calvary” will be presented.  On Good Friday at 7pm, there will be the program “Six Lives – Six Stories”, and on Saturday, April 19th from 11till noon, there will be a community wide Easter Egg Hunt at the Family Life Center.  Easter Sunday Services include a sunrise service at 7am, breakfast at 8, Sunday School at 9 and morning worship at 10am.  It’s Black Jack Church, 252-752-6485 or check them out online at
April 26
Pleasant Grove Original Free Will Baptist Church
invites you to join them for their Annual BBQ Drive and Spring Auction.  It begins at 4:00pm on Saturday, April 26th.  You can eat in or take out and it's taking place at the Pikeville-Pleasant Grove Fire Department.  For more information call the church office at 919-242-6802.  All proceeds go to the building fund at Pleasant Grove Church.
May, 2014                  


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