The Sustainer’s Circle is a unique group of members who generously commit to give a set amount to the ministry monthly. This is done safely and securely through an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), which is an automatic deduction from your bank account or credit card. This means a continuous membership for you without the need for annual renewals.
Your Sustaining partnership provides a dependable source of funding that allows GoMix to enjoy a balanced cash flow while allowing us to put your contributions to work right away. Your membership will be uninterrupted as it will automatically renew each year. Of course your membership can be changed or updated at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Contribution dates:
If we are charging your credit card, debit card, or directly debiting your checking account, that transaction will take place on or after the 15th of each month.

Changing Contribution information and method:
You can change or update your credit card or other payment method at any time by contacting Member Services at 1-877-747-8887. Or, you may simply submit a new Sustainer’s Circle Enrollment Form which is available on our main Contribute Page.

Modifying your gift during Share-A-Thon:
If you’re listening to our fundraising drive and want to change the amount your current monthly gift, please call 1-877-747-8887 and notify the operator of the changes you wish to make. We can also accept any one-time gifts you might wish to make, however these cannot be given by automatic bank draft. If your Sustainer’s Circle contribution is modified you will need to submit a new Sustainer’s Circle Enrollment Form.

Protecting your Credit Card information:
You may Email your new expiration dates to us, but should you need to give us a new card number, please call. Email does not offer a safe transmission of your credit card number.

Tax receipts:                                                                                                                                                       Your credit card statement or bank statement will serve as your receipt for your monthly donation. Consolidated tax receipts will be mailed in late January.

In order to join our Sustainer’s Circle you will first need to complete our contribution form. We will also need your signed permission to debit your bank account or charge your credit card on a recurring basis. The link to this form is on the CONTRIBUTE page.




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