Underwriting on GoMix Christian Radio places you, your product or service in a unique position by clearly separating your name from the clutter inherent in commercial advertising. Just as you, the underwriter, supports GoMix, our loyal listeners will support you. Surveys of Christian listeners indicate their opinion of a company is more positive when they discover the company supports Christian radio.

You Can Reach a Specific Target Audience. GoMix Christian Radio offers you the freedom to select the programming that will most economically reach your segment of the market with the greatest potential.

Underwriting Identifies Your Company as Missions Aware. GoMix Christian Radio has been on the air for over 15 years and has developed a longstanding reputation for financial responsibility. Listeners know our ministry from the beginning has been associated with solid Christian based ministries and businesses. Your underwriting announcement on GoMix identifies  your company as a like minded organization with and eternal interest that goes beyond simply selling a product or service.

Questions? simply call our office 1-877-747-8887 We will be honored to work with you in creating an underwriting announcement that meets your needs and adheres to designated FCC guidelines for non-commercial, non-profit radio.

Some “cans” and “can nots” for our Underwriters


  • Establish your organizations name and location
  • Describe your main products and services
  • Include a telephone number or website
  • Mention well-established, recognizable corporate slogans
  • Make value-neutral statements about your product or service
  • Mention how long you have been in business, if you wish
  • State that your company or business supports GoMix Christian Radio or one of our individual programs


  • Use comparative,qualitative or suggestive language
  • Address the usefulness, convenience  or advantages of the product or service
  • Mention prices, interest rates, or indications of savings associated with product
  • Include any use of first or second person
  • Employ inducements to buy, sell, rent, lease, borrow or loan
  • Issue any calls to action

All underwriting messages are reviewed on a case by case basis.

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