Name of the applet. Width and height, mail the parameter for the width in base to the type of visualization and font. Color breaks down Applet. Given color and hour. If these two parameters come removed the Applet visualizes white background (FFFFFF) of default and color black date (000000). Font for the date, the applet supported three types of font, Arial, TimesRoman and Courier, if this parameter comes removed the applet visualizes the Arial font of default. Greatness font in pixel, maximum greatness for the font 20 pixel, if you comes inserted a superior value to 20 the applet takes 20 pixel of default. Chosen visualization font, bold, italic. 0 = font standard 1 = font bold 2 = font italic 3 = font italic bold If you comes inserted a superior value to 3 the applet takes the N 1 of default (bold). Choice formed date and hour. 0 = date in Italian and hour 1 = date in Italian and hour in fully grown am pm 2 = date in Italian and hour in fully grown AM PM 3 = date in English and hour 4 = date in English and hour in fully grown am pm 5 = date in English and hour in fully grown AM PM If you comes inserted a superior value to 5 the applet takes the N 1 of default. This parameter concerns the notes of the author if it is not present the applet doesn't work.

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Silent Night 2001
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Enjoy this moving tribute to those fallen on 9/11/201.


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